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Manos Cruceñas Artisan Store is a nonprofit that supports over 100 indigenous Mayan women artisans from Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala. Our artisans are trained in the CECAP Vocational Training Center and earn a fair wage. Our artisans also receive non-economic support such as nutrition classes and women’s empowerment workshops. Meaningful work at a meaningful wage. All proceeds directly benefit artisans and their families.

Jaspe Kitchen Towel, Blue - Single

Put a touch of Guatemala in your kitchen!
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Product Details
These soft but durable blue jaspe* kitchen towels are just the thing to do the job AND brighten up your kitchen. Each 17” x 20” towel has a convenient loop sewn into one corner for hanging. They make great host and hostess gifts too!

The blue jaspe is predominantly dark blue with white. May include threads of other colors in lesser amounts. These are only examples of the vast array of jaspe fabrics. These are only a sampling of the array of jaspe fabrics. Due to the vast number of variations in jaspe fabrics available, please choose your basic color palette preference and allow us to choose the fabric.

Sold singly.

Machine wash, gentle cycle for easy cleaning.

Each Manos Cruceñas product that you purchase will be accompanied by a tag with the artisan's name who made it!

*Jaspe (pronounced “haspeh”) is a traditional Guatemalan cotton/cotton-blend/rayon textile that is woven on a peddle-loom. The fabric is traditionally used for women’s skirts. Jaspe patterns are created by a series of faint stripes formed by the arrangement of light, medium, and dark warp threads or by twisting together 2 threads of different colors. The fabric often has ikat designs. Our upcycled fabrics will not run or bleed in the wash.

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