Manos Cruceñas Artisan Store is a nonprofit that supports over 100 indigenous Mayan women artisans from Santa Cruz, Guatemala. Our artisans are trained in the CECAP Vocational Training Center and earn a fair wage. Our artisans also receive non-economic support such as nutrition classes and women’s empowerment workshops. Meaningful work at a meaningful wage. All proceeds directly benefit artisans and their families.

The Rayas Cushion Cover - Soft Green/Cream

Size - 18 x 18 inches
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Our stunning original throw cushion add style to any chair, sofa or bed. The Rayas design is woven on a backstrap loom in a stylish world-inspired pattern.

Material - Cotton

Your purchase helps to keep our artisans employed and their families fed! This product is 100% hand woven and it takes around 15 hours to produce 1 unit. Your purchase has impact, thanks for buying!

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